Life was as normal as could expect. Wonderful family, friends and great job. I lived life as any other young man. Without signs or warning all that changed.

Watching television reading, all became difficult. I brought this to the attention to my optometrist. My vision continued to fail. Within six months I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. I was declared legally blind.

The adjustment to vision loss was an undesirable change in life. I was given various devices to assist with everyday living. What I needed the most was glasses that would help me to see what I was able to see considering my condition. I was turned down and told by various SO-CALLED experienced ophthalmologists that no glasses would help me. By the grace of God, I met Dr. George S. Kornfeld. A 30 minute office exam lasted over 2 hours. Dr. Kornfeld promised me that he could not make any promises, but did promise that he would do the best he could to help me. Dr. Kornfeld kept his promise. He gave me a pair of glasses along with a piece of paper and I was able to read the content of the paper to him. Dr. Kornfeld then opened the windows and asked me what did I see “my heart” dropped. I could see the branches of the trees. Something that was not able to see in over 2 years.

If it were not for Dr. Kornfeld being self motivated, caring and empathetic none of this would be possible. My children, family and I will be eternally grateful. I personally thank God for Dr. Kornfeld, because he brought sunshine to my cloudy day.

Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank You.

Your Happy Patient,

D. L. S.

“What a joy to see my grand-daughter’s face clearly. Thanks again!”



“I can read the street signs so much better and I even see the television more clearly”

My name is Beverly and I want you all to be aware of the “miracle lens” utilized by Dr. George Kornfeld OD, Low Vision specialist.

I was diagnosed in 2005 of having ARMD, age related macular degeneration. The many retinal specialists I have visited did not mention this “miracle OD” while always searching for something to give me hope for my fading vision.

Most referrals given were for many types of appliances, which indeed assisted me in my fight for sight.

I happened to pick up a copy of “In Good Health – Rochester Genessee Valley Health Care magazine” and found Dr. Kornfeld’s article on his “miracle lens” for those with ARMD. He also aids other sight problems, including glaucoma.

I became so excited that I contacted Dr. Kornfeld after consultation with Dr. Rosenberg, my ophthalmologist, who encouraged me to go ahead and contact Dr. Kornfeld.

It was a very exciting day for me, and when I met with Dr. Kornfeld, I was so thankful for the results, I called it my miracle.

I urged Dr. Kornfeld to advertise his “miracle lens” so everyone would gain their sight back.Thank you Dr. Kornfeld for giving my life back: I am now able to WATCH TV, READ, and DRIVE.